A. G. Green, Sr.

The passion for God, ministry and community began at a young age for A. G. Green. Bishop Charlie Green Jr. inspired his son at a young age with his power, dedication, and thrust for God, ministry and community. It was from this example that A. G. at four years old could be spotted preaching around the coffee table in the Green family home. At the ages of five and six he would eulogize bees on his front steps to the pleasure of a listening audience of neighborhood children.  A. G. Green is a third generation Pentecostal preacher.


It was in 1992 that God began to speak to him about the pastoral ministry and in 1997 about starting a church. God gave him the name “Rhema Word”.


“Rhema” is a Greek word which means a specific, fresh, living, spoken word from the Lord. The Lord declared to him that his ministry would bring a “Rhema Word” to the masses.

In October of 1998 in Cape Girardeau Missouri with six adult members Apostle A. G. Green founded the Rhema Word Breakthrough International Ministries. Rhema Word has since been placed into the capable hands of Apostle Adrian Taylor. The church is now known as Lighthouse Breakthrough International Ministries.

In March of 2010 Apostle Green and a small group of members established Greater Rhema International Ministries which is now Kingdom Revolution International Ministries Inc. KRIM is currently located in Marietta GA, a suburb of Atlanta GA.

A. G. Green is known for his dynamic, energetic, homiletic preaching style and operation in ministry gifts. He travels as an itinerant speaker.  A. G. Green is also the senior pastor of “Greater Rhema International Ministries” of Memphis Tennessee.

A. G Green holds multiple earned degrees. He has an A.A.S in Electronics Engineering Technology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity, a Master’s Degree in Theology, a Master’s Degree of Divinity in Christian Counseling and a Doctorate Degree in Theology.
Dr. A. G. Green is the president of A. G. Green Ministries, a global evangelistic and mission ministry which also acts as the media ministry of Kingdom Revolution. Dr. Green was installed and consecrated as an Apostle in August of 2013. Apostle Green is currently the overseer of the “Kingdom Revolution Covenant Churches”.  It is a fellowship of churches and ministries. K.R.C.C. provides a covering for churches and ministries while allowing them to maintain their independence.  Dr. A. G. Green Sr. now serves as the Vice Chief Apostle of the International Alliance of Fivefold Ministries Inc.
He is the father of three biological children Anthony G. Green II, Azaryah G. Green, Austin G. Green and two bonus children, Donald Johnson and Joshua Carter.